Late Bashkirian ammonoids from the Mospyne Formation of the Donets Basin, Ukraine


Eleven late Bashkirian ammonoid taxa (Anthracoceratites sp., Cymoceras sp., Melvilloceras rotaii (Librovitch in Popov, 1979), Gastrioceras angustum Patteisky, 1964, G. lupinum Popov, 1979, G. kutejnikovense Popov, 1979, ?Agastrioceras sp., Bisatoceras sp., ?Owenoceras sp., Branneroceras sp. A, and Branneroceras sp. B), are described from the Mospyne Formation of the Donets Basin, eastern Ukraine. Representatives of the genera Cymoceras, Agastrioceras, Bisatoceras are first recorded from the Carboniferous of the Donets Basin. Early Westphalian (G2 ammonoid zone, Langsettian) ammonoids Gastrioceras listeri, G. angustum and Branneroceras spp. indicate the attribution of the Mospyne Formation to the Gastrioceras-Branneroceras Genozone.

Key words

ammonoids, Donets Basin, Ukraine, Mospyne Formation, late Bashkirian