Undang Mardiana

Lithofacies and ichnofacies of turbidite deposits, West Java, Indonesia


This study focuses on the analysis of sedimentary facies and ichnogenus variations to determine the palaeogeographic setting of turbidite deposits that are clearly exposed in the surroundings of Majalengka area, West Java, Indonesia. Lithofacies variation in turbidite deposits, identified from detailed stratigraphic sections, were visually presented as a composite log and indicated a thickening and coarsening pattern due to a regressive event. Trace fossils exposed in all stratigraphic levels consist of Thalassinoides, Chondrites, Cruziana and Planolites. They are commonly found in a series of thin to medium bedded fine grained turbiditic sandstones intercalated with shales. Hereinafter, the integration analysis in between sedimentology and ichnology data, the sediment shed into the basin in the submarine channelized related to slope system. Such findings cast no doubt as to whether integrated sedimentary facies and ichnofacies analysis can be viewed as precise methods for sedimentary basin interpretation, in which external parameter, for example magmatic processes, also are considered to play a role.

Key words

Cruziana ichnofacies, Thalassinoides, turbidite system, Majalengka, West Java