Fossil Imprint (formerly Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series B – Historia Naturalis) publishes original scientific papers and reviews from paleontology, palaeoanthropology, biostratigraphy, palynology, archaeobotany, archaeozoology and related geological and biological disciplines, such as quaternary geology concerned with reconstruction of paleoclimate or paleoenvironment. There are no pre-set limits on page count or number of illustrations, but all content must be pertinent to the theme of the submission.

Potential guest editors who are interested in publishing a monothematic issue or conference proceeding that fits in with the subject matter of the journal are kindly requested to contact Editor-in-Chief Jiří Kvaček (e-mail: jiri_kvacek@nm.cz).

Fossil Imprint is an international scientific journal, published since 1938 by the Natural History Museum (National Museum, Prague, the Czech Republic). Originally, it was intended for publishing essays and monographs from all natural science disciplines and bears the bilingual title Sborník Národního muzea v Praze, řada B – Přírodní vědy/Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series B – Historia Naturalis. Beginning in 2016, there is a sharper focus on palaeontology and related disciplines, reflecting the change of title to Fossil Imprint.