Catalogue of plant fossils described in works by Kaspar M. Sternberg. Second revised edition


This Catalogue is the second revised and expanded edition of the first edition, published in 1997 by J. Kvaček and Straková. The material presented in the original edition was completely nomenclaturally revised and newly photodocumented. This second edition provides as much updated information as it was possible to acquire. The Catalogue includes and reviews new nomenclatural and taxonomic assignments of Sternberg’s type material and taxa published after 1997. It is clear that much of the impulse to conduct this new research came from the first edition of the Catalogue, as the community realized the type material is available for study.
In summary, the second edition of the Catalogue comprises specimens that are types of 82 genera, 3 subgenera, 535 species and 14 varieties described by Kaspar Maria Count Sternberg and his collaborators: K. B. Presl and A. C. J. Corda. The type material of 32 genera, 233 species and 5 varieties is housed in the National Museum, Prague. The types of 79 species and 4 varieties have been located in other European museums. The rest of the type specimens are currently missing – destroyed, lost, or of unknown repository. For available specimens, more detailed taxonomic, stratigraphic and geographical information is provided. All cases are noted where names in Sternberg’s works have priority over names currently used, although the current names may be more widely known. Only two nomenclatural acts are published in the present work; they are designations of a lectotypes for Aspleniopteris difformis Sternb. and Cycadites salicifolius C.Presl in Sternberg.