The Amphicyoninae (Amphicyonidae, Carnivora, Mammalia) of the early Miocene from Tuchořice, the Czech Republic


The Amphicyoninae of the early Miocene from the locality of Tuchořice, the Czech Republic, are represented by three species. Two of them are classified within the tribe Amphicyonini: Paludocyon bohemicus (Schlosser, 1899) as the type species of Paludocyon n. gen., and a large-sized amphicyonid determined as Megamphicyon carnutense (Antunes et Ginsburg, 1977). Dehmicyon n. gen. aff. schlosseri is determined by two small teeth. This new genus has been proposed for the species Amphicyon schlosseri Dehm, 1950 from Wintershof-West and is tentatively included in the tribe Pseudarctini nov. together with the genera Ictiocyon and Pseudarctos. This association of Amphicyoninae provides valuable information on the taxonomy and systematics of this subfamily during the early Miocene, at which time important environmental changes were taking place in Europe, which undoubtedly affected the evolution of Amphicyonidae.

Key words

Amphicyonidae, Amphicyoninae, systematics, early Miocene, Europe