Allosorex stenodus Fejfar, 1966 (Eulipotyphla, Soricidae): re-description of type material and re-interpretation of its fossil record


The original fossil record of Allosorex stenodus Fejfar, 1966 from Ivanovce (late Ruscinian, MN 15b) is redescribed and supplemented by the description of so far unpublished fossil remains, including upper dentition (P4 and M3) and a humerus fragment as well as the enamel microstructure analysis of m2. Based on the critical evaluation of other fossil remains from sites in Romania, Hungary, and France, the Ivanovce fossils are so far the only unquestionable recorded finds of A. stenodus in Europe, which can be considered as a local early Pliocene (MN 15) endemic species. Its occurrence is connected with the forested karst area along a broad valley of “pre-Váh” River, ecologically and climatically resembling the environment of modern karst areas in south-eastern Asia. Based on enamel microstructure analysis and unique mandible and dentition morphological characters, a separate taxonomical status of the species is also discussed.

Key words

Allosorex stenodus, Pliocene, late Ruscinian (MN 15b), Ivanovce, Slovakia