Actinopterygians of the Broumov Formation (Permian) in the Czech part of the Intra-Sudetic Basin (the Czech Republic)


Actinopterygians from the Permian sediments of the Czech part of Intra-Sudetic Basin, occurring in the Ruprechtice and Otovice Limestone horizons (Broumov Formation), are revised and redescribed based on both old material and newly discovered specimens. A new diagnosis and reconstruction of Paramblypterus vratislaviensis (Agassiz, 1833), the most numerous actinopterygian of the Ruprechtice Limestone Horizon, and the rare Paramblypterus zeidleri (Fritsch, 1895) are published. First actinopterygians from the Otovice Limestone Horizon were described. Most of the specimens from the Otovice Limestone are referred here to Paramblypterus cf. rohani and Paramblypterus sp. Representatives of Aeduellidae have also recently been discovered in the Otovice Limestone. Osteological fragments belonging to a new taxon exhibit the diagnostic features of the genera Aeduella and Bourbonnela. The reasons for the significantly different faunistic content in the stratigraphically close Ruprechtice Limestone Horizon and Otovice Limestone Horizon are discussed.

Key words

Actinopterygii, anatomy, Permian, Intra-Sudetic Basin, Bohemian Massif